Square Table

comfort, squared

Entrees and side dishes are among the fastest growing refrigerated food categories, as consumers of all generations look to make home cooking more convenient. While the brand has a positive association among those who crave the flavors of traditional dinners that evoke a nostalgic sense of comfort, it lacked appetite appeal, lack of recognition and frequency of consumption.

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a fresh blend.

bLüm is a refreshing blend of premium citrus, purified water and botanical extracts. To make a compelling entrance in the beverage space, the brand was looking for a fresh, uplifting and unmissable look.

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bakers dozen.

The Hershey Company wanted to create compelling graphics for a merchandising campaign for Winter 2019 and simultaneously develop new packaging for their baking chips line. The brand needed to be clear from any angle on the shelf.

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Green Giant®

gone green.

When B&G acquired the Green Giant brand in 2016, Smith was engaged to create a first-to-market innovation product line of healthy frozen veggie alternatives. We knew that we would have to be nimble to deliver high-quality designs and promotional materials on an accelerated schedule.

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Simit + Smith

fresh idea.

Simit + Smith, known for the bagel-shaped simit from Turkey, asked us to implement their vision to bring exceptional and unusual baked goods to North America.

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gave it our all.

To get the most from the new “care” positioning for the ALL Laundry portfolio, we needed a design approach that would unify a multitude of products with clear differentiation within the expanding lineup.

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Robitussin Naturals

heal naturally.

Robitussin Naturals marked a pivotal expansion of the Robitussin brand into the naturals space, solidifying “cough authority” ownership and appealing to a new ’natural-leaning’ consumer.

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Royal Hollandia

going dutch

Royal Hollandia, makers of premium Dutch Cheese for over 120 years, were looking to make an entrance into the U.S. market with an elevated brand experience that would impress across all omnichannel touchpoints.

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