Giving Back and Looking Forward

Giving back is an important part of our culture at Smith Design and we’re excited to share some of the initiatives that we’ve participated in over the last year.

In the spirit of gratitude, our creative team also created a series of graphics to promote positivity and express what gratitude and generosity looks like to them.

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december 2021

NEWSMITHS: What we’re reading, making and thinking about this month.

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Using Video to Boost E-Comm Performance

The holiday season is upon us and major retailers are betting big on omnichannel retail. Investing in your brand’s digital content and e-comm experience may seem like only a small piece of the marketing equation, but it can be a critical one.

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The Upside of the Internet: Mental Health Day Guest Post

To celebrate World Mental Health Day, we’re excited to share a guest post from Gabrielle Ferrara, MSW, LSW, a licensed therapist who shares how, despite its dark potential, the internet can actually be a positive and unifying resource for mental health.

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Smith Awarded GSA Schedule Contract

We are pleased to announce that Smith Design is now a Professional Services Schedule Contract holder, awarded by the General Services Administration. Smith Design has been fortunate to work on a diverse and rewarding range of projects in the private and non-profit sectors. Now, we are thrilled to offer our brand identity, graphic design, brand strategy, digital, social, and web-based marketing services to the public sector.

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The Importance of Handwriting

While some have said that handwriting will become obsolete or a far second to typing, there are plenty of reasons to teach handwriting, and to instill the value of writing by hand as a practice that goes far beyond the simple transfer of information.

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Recipe Development for Brands

Custom recipes are a great way to build brand engagement and connect with customers beyond the shelf. On-pack or off, recipes boost appetite appeal and spark creativity with shoppers and home cooks alike.

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Clayton's Organic Meat

Raising Standards in the Meat Aisle

Across demographics, a growing majority of consumers are seeking out meat and dairy that is better for the planet, the animals, and their own health.  In this new landscape, it’s essential for brands to connect authentically and transparently with their audiences.

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Design for the Club Channel

Designing CPG brands for the club channel requires a distinct visual strategy that considers not only the brand and product objectives, but also environmental, consumer, and product factors unique to the landscape

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Sustainability in Package Design

Conversations around sustainability, environmental impact, and eco-friendliness have become more central to brands and their products. Not only is it ethical for companies to consider their environmental impact, but it is also necessary in order to be trusted by their consumers. We partner with brands to execute their sustainable efforts on and off pack.

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Smith Design Joins the Sustainable Packaging Coalition

We are excited to announce that Smith Design is now a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition! We are honored to join the ranks of brands, agencies and manufacturers across the supply chain that are committed to finding and implementing more sustainable packaging solutions. Sustainability has long been a core value at Smith Design.

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Design for the Omnichannel Experience

The post-covid retail landscape will become increasingly integrated, with brands leveraging both the widespread adoption of online shopping as well as a renewed interest in experiential brick & mortar offerings. Design is a key tool in bridging the digital, in-store and at-home experiences that are crucial to brand experience.

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