Our Team’s Favorite TV Shows


Interested in getting to know a little bit more about our team here at Smith? We have put together a list of our team’s current favorite TV shows that you might even like too! Check it out.

Team Member: Lauren Millar
TV Show: The Diplomat
Where to Watch: Netflix
Rating: 4/5
Lauren likes the twists of the show and the unconventional roles of the characters. It is a new perspective on the political drama that she rarely sees.

Team Member: Dave Bolton
TV Show: Citadel
Where to Watch: Amazon Prime
Rating: 4/5
Dave likes Citadel because of the Action, Intrigue, and Whodunnit affect that it brings.

Team Member: Marissa Cook
TV Show: Psych
Where to Watch: Amazon Prime
Rating: 5/5
Marissa enjoys Psych because it is an easy watch – keeping you engaged and laughing with a bit of mystery thrown in as you follow along while they solve cases.

Team Member: Grace Peluso
TV Show: The Black List
Where to Watch: Netflix
Rating: 4/5
This show is smart, thrilling and unpredictable which is why it stands out to Grace.

Team Member: Miles Hoffman
TV Show: Yellowjackets
Where to Watch: Showtime
Rating: 5/5
Miles enjoys this show because it is a perfect mix of 90s nostalgia, horror, isolation, dread, comedy and angsty teen drama.

Team Member: Jessica Murray
TV Show: Summer House
Where to Watch: Peacock
Rating: 4/5
Reality tv is Jessica’s guilty pleasure. She feels like she grew up with the characters even though she has only watched the past few years. 2 cast members came together and made a podcast together, (Paige Desorbo & Hannah Berner) which is also her favorite podcast, called Giggly Squad! She would 10/10 would recommend.

Team Member: Julianne Brown
TV Show: Succession Season 4
Where to Watch: HBO Max
Rating: 5/5
Julianne loves the drama, the writing and the character development.

Team Member: Brian Greenhalgh
TV Show: The Mandalorian
Where to Watch: Disney+
Rating: 3/5
“It’s Got Stars and It’s Got Wars. What’s not to like??” – Brian

Team Member: Becki Murray
TV Show: Jury Duty
Where to Watch: Amazon Prime
Rating: 5/5
Becki enjoys the unique comedy, where everyone is in on it except for one civilian.

Team Member: Tricia Trozzi
TV Show: Anything Star Wars on Disney+ Streaming Service
Where to Watch: Disney+
Rating: 4/5
Tricia likes about anything Star Wars (easy answer…)

Team Member: Jaime Gold
TV Show: Park and Recreation
Where to Watch: Peacock
Rating: 5/5
Jaime enjoys the characters, the humor and the uniqueness.

Team Member: Sara Bellog
TV Show: The Company you Keep
Where to Watch: Hulu
Rating: 4/5
Sara liked the suspense, mystery, drama and romance in The Company you Keep. She is excited for the next season to come out!

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