Coachella 2024


Coachella 2024 brand collabs, hottest trends, and creative art installations.  

Few music festivals have the same cultural significance and appeal throughout the world as Coachella. Coachella 2024 captivated viewers with its brilliant mix of artistic creativity, musical competence, and inclusive culture. Arriving at the Coachella Valley grounds in Indio California, guests were taken on a beautiful journey, where the spirit of artistic and musical talent was reflected in every note played and every art installation featured. Starting the week off strong with headliners like Lana Del Ray and Tyler the Creator and brand partnerships with Guess, Poosh, 818 Tequila, Pinterest, and Poppi there is much to learn from this year’s Coachella comeback!  

The Guess House: The Guess house was inspired by the values that the Southern California brand lives by. The founder realized that Guess is headquartered in California and has the Palm Springs desert outside their front door. With this came the brand’s opportunity to rebrand and make a comeback. The Guess brand built a brand compound, just a few steps from the festival itself, comprised of seven houses. Inviting well-known celebrities and influencers to not only stay in the house but promote the brand through each day of the festival.  

818 Outpost: With her Tequila brand 818, the well-known Kendall Jenner captured the attention of people worldwide. The brand quickly blew up thanks to Kendall’s personal influence, but this Coachella pop-up event at 818 Outpost quickly established itself as the place to be. Some of the biggest names on the internet came to 818 Outpost this past weekend, including Pookie and Jett, the famous couple from TikTok that we all know and love. Actor Cory Gamble and actress Cierra Ramirez were also among the guests, as well as many other well-known stars who came to enjoy the sun and promote their favorite tequila brand! 

Camp Poosh: Among these brand collaboration events at Coachella’s opening weekend, there was the most massive event of them all. Camp Poosh was a four-night adult sleep away camp comprised of your favorite influencers and celebrities. Over 700 “Pooshies” attended Camp Poosh including stars like Ariana Madix, Diplo, and Gorillaz. Upon arrival, campers received an extensive welcome kit filled with goodies from partnering brands. Some of these goodies included Lemme gummies, slip silk hair ties and pillowcases, and even the Shark Flex style! Every room was stocked with pink mini fridges and Celsius energy drinks. At Camp Poosh, the celebs enjoyed complementary gifts, work out classes, gourmet food and drinks, and an overall great time.  

Pinterest: Pinterest held a pop up for Coachella’s opening weekend that allowed their users to make their dreams a reality with the innovative manifestation station. This created a space for attendees to experience the Pinterest platform as a reality. Creating Pinterest boards in person was not tangible to consumers before this Coachella exclusive experience.  

Poppi: This year Poppi dominated Coachella with their influencer house celebrating the launch of their new lemon-lime flavor! They secured a major partnership with Alix Earl to represent Poppi for the entire weekend, allowing them to outshine other brands. The Poppi craze was the talk of Coachella as the brand focused on just one influencer instead of many and it allowed for a social media takeover. Poppi saw an over 200% spike in their sales just from the one weekend at Coachella and that is a big thanks to Alix Earl with her incredible influence on the world. 

Celsius: Celsius Cosmic desert event was an exclusive event to launch the brand’s new intergalactic flavors! There were hue headliners at this event such as T-Pain, Two Friends, Tik Tok personality and Dj Xandra.

Coachella 2024 launched with some of the largest personalities in music, art, and impact overall. It’s difficult to overlook the enormous art installations that are the focal point of every Instagram picture and social media post when you enter the festival.  There were three large art installations that were designed by London artists. Public Art Company and Goldenvoice created massive and beautiful installations with the art director of the Coachella Festival, Paul Clemente. These initiatives aimed to reunite design alongside music, as these two industries have often drifted apart. Attendees at Coachella viewed the iconic sculpture and have both private and shared experiences with it.   

The Do Lab: The Do Lab has had a stage at Coachella since 2004 and continues to wow the crowd with every show produced for the sunny desert festival. Do Lab is creative and different from the other musical sets because it incorporates a light and art show into the performance.  

Food Trends: You may have noticed that this year’s Coachella featured a social media takeover of mouthwatering food and vendors in addition to fantastic music and stunning surroundings. There are those who argue that Coachella’s culinary offerings outshine the attraction of the event’s music and artwork. One of the biggest hits at the food festival was the Kazunori, a pop-up with hand rolls and delicious Asian cuisine. Headliner Doja Cat had a burger place pay tribute to one of her older songs and created the Doja Cat Trill Burger. This pop up is created by a rapper, Bun B, who specializes in vegan smash burgers.  

Coachella 2024 showcased an unparalleled fusion of music, art, and cultural experiences, leaving a lasting impact on attendees and viewers worldwide. From iconic brand collaborations like the Guess house and Kendall Jenner’s 818 Outpost, to innovative pop-up events such as Camp Poosh and Pinterest’s manifestation station, the festival was a hub of creativity and inspiration. The massive art installations, curated by London artists, added another dimension to the festival’s atmosphere, while culinary delights and unique food trends further elevated the overall experience. With each passing year, Coachella continues to push boundaries and set new standards for music festivals, cementing its status as a cultural phenomenon that captivates audiences around the globe. 


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