The Continued Growth of Functional Beverages


Hydration may be key to warding off signs of aging and chronic disease, but today’s upcoming beverage offerings provide a wide array of additional functional benefits. Wellness-aligned ingredients such as adaptogens, matcha, CBD, botanicals, and nootropics are making their way into beverages from enhanced water to cocktail alternatives. These buzz-worthy ingredients claim to lessen stress, boost immune systems, improve your mood, and more, all while delivering great-tasting refreshment.

The double perks of functional benefits plus great taste are boosting the appeal of these beverages and grabbing the attention of the growing number of sober-curious lifestyle seekers. According to Veylinx about half of U.S. individuals who are looking to reduce their alcohol consumption, are making the swap to non-alcoholic beverages to satisfy their needs. Because people tend to drink to feel good it is a natural connection to replace alcoholic beverages with others that feature ingredients that have positive effects on our well-being. 

Smith Design has partnered with several functional benefit brands and aided them in creating visual identities and package designs that will stand out to consumers in this growing market. Celldration’s enhanced alkaline pH balanced enhanced water was designed to appeal to active lifestyle consumers. Muse’s adaptogen-infused drinks are intended for alcohol-free craft cocktail lovers. We also worked with Citrus World to launch Blüm, a unique mix of functional botanicals and juice that provided enhanced refreshment to consumers. 

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