There are many reasons we chose Morristown as our headquarters, and we can’t deny that our adopted home is a pretty cool place. Read on…

Morristown, or MoTown for short, is hailed as the military capital of the American Revolution because it played a pivotal role in the war for independence.  

George Washington had his troops encamped here during the Winter of 1779-1780 and at that time declared St. Patricks Day a holiday to honor his Irish soldiers (which is why Morristown is the place to be on St. Patricks Day if you like a Parade and a Guinness – just not at the same time)

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Backpacks Jacked with JOY!

Anti-Bacterial Wipes, Bic Pens, Veggie Straws snacks and Skippy Peanut Butter Bites were among the contents of the backpacks.
Smith Design is blessed to be able to provide to charities throughout the year, but as we all know the holiday season is another opportunity to give the gift of giving back.
As a women-owned business, this season it was with great joy that we came upon Oasis (, an organization located in Paterson NJ, dedicated to changing the lives of women and children by breaking the cycle of poverty. Oasis struck a chord with us at Smith Design, hence the BackPack GiveBack initiative was born.

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Drinking Tea With Mermaids, Taking Selfies…Our Summary Of The best June Conferences

June has been a busy month for us folks here at Smith Design with no fewer than 3 different conferences from New York City to Las Vegas to keep us busy.

Keep reading to see our takeaways from these awesome events and look for more recaps coming soon

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The FDA’s New Nutrition Facts

Since the early 1990s, the FDA’s Nutrition Facts charts have been a requirement for food packaging. In May 2016, the FDA published new rules which change some of the content and presentation of the Nutrition Facts chart. The FDA states that all food manufacturers must comply with the new rules by July 2018. The official FDA website contains pages and pages detailing the legalities. Here are some highlights gleaned from the FDA’s information.

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Recipe for a sizzling Superbowl Party

As a British transplant and a non-sporty one at that, the Superbowl is a way for me to marker the middle of the Winter, brush up on who has the biggest advertising budgets and indulge in some of my favorite comfort foods. Lucky for me, this year I got to celebrate with 21 of my favorite coworkers with a branded potluck.

Here’s how it worked – with many of our clients being from the food and beverage sector, we planned a menu that featured as many of the brands we work on as possible. And fortunately for us they are all delicious & perfect for game time! So last Friday our new kitchen and event space saw a frenzy of activity with the Smith Design team gathered to sample a host of food that we had all made and which we had all had a hand in branding along the way.

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