World Dog Expo 2018

- Gretchen Roughgarden

Dog parents, like myself, are provided with the opportunity to participate together in sports, education, and training. My pack, Vinny the mini poodle and Dorothy the mini pinscher, joined me at the expo. We spent the day exploring the trade show, watching the dog sports and sampling a variety of treats.

Expo Ready!

Our Discoveries from the Show:

Wish your faithful companion could live forever? They can, sort of….

For the busy Dog Parent – Ready to eat meals delivered right to your doorstep

Treats that will make your dog “Lick you Silly”

LED –Light up dog leashes and collars that keep you and your dog safe during a nighttime walk

And my personal favorite Doggy Bow Ties for the fashion-forward Dog in your life.

Dock Diving Competition

Photo Source: Suzies Zoo

Photo Source: Tischman Pets

Photo Source: Tischman Pet 


Sarah Carson and The Super Collies: 

Photo Source: WorldDogExpo

Photo Source: WorldDogExpo

Photo Source: WorldDogExpo





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