World Art Day 2020 – #HelpByDesign


World Art Day is an international celebration of art in all the ways it impacts our world. In honor of this year’s World Art Day, our team participated in #HelpByDesign. #HelpByDesign is a design campaign that brings messages of hope during this time of uncertainty and social distancing. The campaign is run by the group Known Unknown, a global community of designers. Options for messages to include in the typographic designs are provided as inspiration, but designers are welcome to create their own as well.

 Each designer was given free rein to communicate their chosen message in any way they wanted. The best part was seeing how each square showcased the designer’s personality and unique style. 

Participating in this campaign helped connect us with designers all over the world and highlights the importance of visual communication as a unifying tool in times of crisis. To see more artwork for this campaign, visit @known_unknown on Instagram.



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