Women In Design – Teresa Sdralevich


In this blog series, we shine a light on women trailblazers in the design industry – women who have earned a Wikipedia page (or are likely to very soon). You might not know them by name, but definitely by their work and influence on the design world as a whole.

This month, we’re featuring acclaimed graphic designer, illustrator, silk-screen printer, and author, Teresa Sdralevich.  

Sdralevich is a highly regarded designer of posters that hold social, cultural, and political relevance. Her impactful work has reached all corners of the world. 

Poster for the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

She has also illustrated many books for young readers, published across Europe.

Sdralevich’s 2018 book “Poster Power! Great Posters and How To Make Them” received a British Design and Production Award & is referenced as a source of truth and inspiration for designers of all ages. What makes the book so special is that it is uniquely personal – Sdralevich’s sharp humor and wisdom, both informative and engaging, is evident in the interactive pages.

Her style is playful and lyrical, every mark made is both purposeful and expressive. You can see the influences of Keith Haring and Basquiat in her naive, simple characterizations while the messages have a clever sophistication. As graphic artists, we are all challenged to distill down complex themes into simple visual messages which is what Teresa Sdralevich does so brilliantly. We can all learn from her simple, straightforward, no-nonsense style.

Sdralevich is currently based in Brussels, where she continues to hone her craft, but she can be found traveling all over the world to lead workshops or participate in poster events. 

Through her art, books, and workshops, Teresa Sdralevich is truly making a positive impact on the world and on the minds of aspiring designers. To learn more and see her work, visit her website, Instagram, or Facebook






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