The Importance of Sustainability


Sustainability, environmental impact, eco-friendliness – these are more than just trending buzzwords. Not only is it ethical for companies to consider the environmental impact of their operations, but it is also necessary in order to be trusted by their consumers (especially socially-conscious millennials). The way many brands approach sustainability in their products and packaging has adapted with increased environmental focus and research. 

Some brands are created with green-friendliness at the core of their products. Ocean Huggers produces plant-based alternatives to seafood. Ahimi replicates raw tuna with tomatoes, and unami utilizes eggplant to replace freshwater eel. The goal is to reduce the stress overfishing causes on our oceans. 

In addition to eco-friendly products, many companies incorporate sustainability into their packaging as well. Seed Phytonutrients, a producer of natural bath products, is credited with developing the first shower-friendly paper bottle. These unique bottles use 60% less plastic than traditional bottles. The paper is able to withstand water without getting damaged, then it dries to look good as new.  

Pretty famously, Saltwater Brewery created a biodegradable six-pack holder in response to the overwhelming amount of plastic in our oceans. The sustainable holder safely disintegrates in water and is actually edible for ocean wildlife. The Florida brewery hopes this innovation will draw attention to the environment and inspire people to find ways they can contribute to a sustainable future. 

As the impact we have on the environment becomes increasingly apparent, people are discovering new ways to innovate towards a healthier future. From creative shampoo bottles to new enzymes that break down plastic in record time (learn more in our newsletter), every step towards sustainability is progress. 

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