The Growing Impact of Plant-Based Proteins


Making their way into 53% of US pantries, refrigerators, and freezers, plant-based, protein rich foods are no longer reserved for vegetarians. 

In 2018, growth of the plant-based market had reached $4.6 billion. It is predicted to grow to $85 billion over the next 10 years. This rise can be attributed to growing concerns for health, sustainability, and animal welfare, especially among Gen-Z and Millennial consumers

The increase in popularity is also due to improvements of the products themselves. With developments in technology and manufacturing, plant-based meat alternatives are getting better and better at mimicking the texture and taste of real meat, becoming more appealing to general consumers, not just health-conscious shoppers. 

With these meat-free options becoming mainstream, many large brands have developed their own plant-based innovations. Burger King embraced the trend with their Impossible Whopper. This new take on the classic Whopper was one of their most successful product launches, attributing to one of their best quarters in recent years. 

SKIPPY®, Farm Rich, and Green Giant also expanded into the plant protein space, partnering with Smith Design to develop effective brand identities and packaging designs.

Green Giant’s Harvest Protein Bowls are frozen meals that pack 12g-14g of plant-based protein punch. The packaging communicates the plant-based point of difference, appealing to the growing number of consumers interested in easy incorporation of natural, healthy foods into their diets. 

One of SKIPPY®’s newest products features their well-loved peanut butter with the added benefit of plant protein, in a unique, squat jar that helps consumers avoid “peanut butter knuckles”. We ensured that the label demonstrates a visual connection to iconic SKIPPY® equities, while clearly communicating the enhanced protein offering. The innovation is already generating buzz in the category. 

When Farm Rich extended their wholesome portfolio with a line of plant-based snacks and appetizers, we were careful to develop a brand identity that differentiates these from the core line of products while staying true to established equities. The details in the handwritten font subtly emphasize the plant-based offering and work with the whitewashed wood background to indicate naturalness. We targeted health-conscious consumers through the photography, pairing healthy sides with the meat-free products.

The demand for plant-based protein sources has already had a powerful impact on product innovation, and its growth won’t be slowing down anytime soon. 

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