Smith Spotlight #3


It probably goes without saying, but Smith Design is full of creatives. In our new Smith Spotlight blog series, we’re highlighting the talents of our team and their endeavors outside of our studio. Follow along to get to know the people who make Smith Design awesome. 

We’re excited to highlight the incredible art of Brian Greenhalgh in our third Spotlight!  

Brian sells unique apparel and stickers through his online store, ScaryFunny. As the brand name suggests, his art style combines a dark, punk style with a light-hearted sense of humor. Inspired by graffiti artists and Keith Haring, he creates eye-catching pieces that contain hidden meanings and clever twists. His collections include music-related pieces, towns he’s connected to, and other themes of cultural or personal relevance. 

When he gets an idea for a new illustration, he has to get it on paper and into existence. This drive has led to him having a diverse array of artwork to feature on apparel and stickers.  

Turning his passion for art into an actual store is something he’s always had on his mind, but he committed to opening his store in December of 2020. He enjoys getting the chance to engage with his customers. He tries to respond to every message and post he sees on social media, and especially loves to see customers post pictures in their gear.  

He mainly markets his brand and products through social media, but also shares stickers of his art with local businesses. Now that we’re able to be out and about in the world, he plans to kick up his marketing efforts by giving out stickers and fliers. 

The store has also given him the opportunity to raise money for charity, including creating a special piece to support Prevent Child Abuse America.  

The advice he’d give to artists pursuing a similar path is to just keep going. He explains that it’s easy to get discouraged, so don’t pressure yourself for perfection.  

“Just make something fun, and enjoy yourself.” 

To check out Brian’s merch, visit his online store here! scaryfunny 



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