Small Businesses: Make Packaging A Priority


Since we opened our doors in 1979, packaging has been at the core of Smith Design. The consumer experience with a brand’s product often begins with the packaging itself, and we understand how critical that first impression is. 

In the coming months, we’ll be launching The Budd: a new offering for small businesses that are looking to get started on their branding. We want to empower emerging brands to prioritize their visuals because we believe it is vital to the success of their products. Here’s what you can accomplish when making branding a priority while building your business:

Make the decision easy
In a vast ocean of products, consumers are prone to choice fatigue — so it’s in a brand’s best interest to help them make the decision as easy as possible. How consumers receive your product at first glance matters. Aesthetics are important; the packaging should be attractive, eye-catching, and pleasing to the eye. It should speak to your target audience!

Be recognizable
Maintaining a consistent look & feel across your product portfolio is important to building your brand’s identity. The ultimate branding win for a CPG brand is to be recognized by its branding, but from a more rudimentary standpoint, being able to distinguish your products from each other while still maintaining a common thread is key to having consumers recognize and remember your product.

Tell them what problem you’re solving for them
The packaging is also where you tell the consumer the most important attributes of the product. What problem are you solving for the consumer? What want or need are you fulfilling for the consumer? This should be clearly communicated on the packaging — use the primary real estate for priority communicators. 

Look for more information on The Budd in the coming weeks…

– Pareesha Narang

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