Simplify Your [Business] Week


The first week of August is officially Simplify Your Life Week, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. (Raise your hand if just being on the internet lately is overwhelming to you.)

On a more serious note, consumers are feeling overwhelmed by the constant connectivity the information age ushered in, which has driven a megatrend towards simplicity. Following the advice of influencers like Marie Kondo, consumers are now actively decluttering their lives and finding value in “less is more”.

The simplicity trend is making its way to the business world, too. In the age of big data, constant product innovation, and omni-channel marketing, today’s marketer is feeling overworked, overstretched and unclear in the purpose and impact of their efforts. With the change in seasons coming and brand planning season upon us, here’s how you can apply decluttering principles to your business:

Step 1: Take inventory. 
Categorize everything you do by brand marketing vs. performance marketing activities and then by sub-categories like content, social media, advertising, public relations vs. SEO/SEM, promotions, and merchandising. Do they ladder up to your overall strategy and brand goals? How?

Step 2: Prioritize.
Focus on your top priorities and identify the things you do really well that connect with your consumers. Make a commitment to not overextend your self or your brand. Don’t pursue things just because the competition is doing them or there’s a flashy new tool/app. Essentially, eliminate distractions, stay laser-focused and ignore the shiny new objects. (It can be hard, we know!)

Step 3: Cut the fat.
Once you’ve identified your top priorities, analyze your results and identify what’s working and what has potential for growth. Time to clean up and cut anything that’s not working.

Step 4: Clarify KPIs.
Now that you’ve optimized your marketing plan, it’s time to make sure you have clear strategies in place for your top priority projects moving forward.  Identify 2-3 KPIs that are most important to measure and track against your goals, and develop an action plan that will focus on driving those results.  

Step 5: Execute your simplified plan!
Finalize, socialize, and put your new plan into action! Then, set a time frame to revisit, measure, and optimize.

Follow these tips and remember to let simplicity be your guide.

– Pareesha Narang

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