Press Play! Smith Design Employees Share Songs that Motivate them


Music can be huge part of staying focused, motivated, and inspired at work. We asked our Smith Design team what some of their favorite songs are to listen to while working. From mellow tunes that keep us zen to fast-paced songs that get the creativity pumping, read on to find out what songs keep our team motivated from 9-5. We’ve even compiled them into a handy playlist so you can give them a listen yourself – you might find they inspire you as well!!

Eternal Summer by The Strokes

“I first heard this song in the car while running some errands. I was listening to their full album, called The New Abnormal. The simple drum beat and intricate vocals of this song in particular, had me jamming all the way to the post office!” – Amanda, Design

Elephant by Tame Impala

“The upbeat guitar riff really gets me going. The lyrics have nothing to do with motivation, but the tempo always gives me a burst of energy.” – Anthony, Design

Big Bootie Remix 20 by Two Friends (SoundCloud)

“This is a compilation of popular, hype songs. There are tons of versions of this, and they are all about an hour long. They all have huge variety of current to old songs, funny song bites, and keeps you on your toes.”  – Becki, Design

Learn To Fly by The Foo Fighters

“I remember seeing the music video which was hysterical and instantly got me hooked on The Foo Fighters.” – Sean, Business Development

Drive All Night by Bruce Spingsteen

“I love to sing along real loud while working… it gets the blood flowing! First time I heard it was when I brought the Album a long, long time ago. It was my first Springsteen album. It wasn’t until I heard “Drive All Night” live with the E-street Band for the first time in concert until I really discovered the song. Bruce was so passionate and electrifying in his performance that every time I hear it, it takes me back, and I feel it all over again. That energy gets me through any project every time. I know it sounds sappy but it’s so true!” – Grace, Food Styling and Recipe Development  

Cities in the Dust – Extended Version by Siouxsie and the Banshees

“I first heard this song in 1985-86 at The Cellar Door in Richmond, VA” – Tim, Accounts

In Dreams by Tomemitsu

“This is a good example of a song that’s engaging but not distracting – it’s mellow enough that I can work with it on in the background. I think I first heard it in my first apartment in NYC – pretty sure my roommate at the time was playing it – he always had good tunes on.” – Celsae, Strategy

This is what Falling in Love Feels Like by JVKE

“I heard this song on TikTok, if I’m ever subtly dancing at my desk, I’m probably listening to this.” – Jessica, Design

In the Waiting Line by Zero 7

“Atmospheric music like Zero 7 that doesn’t interfere with complex through processes and provides soothing background noise helps me focus.” – Melissa, Design

Start Today by the Gorilla Biscuits

“It’s an upbeat hardcore/punk song about procrastination. I first heard it in the early 1990’s.” – Brian, Production

Gnossiennes by Erik Satie

“It’s quiet and repetitive enough to fall into the background without a sense of beginning or end, which allows for long, continuous play. Though, atmospheric, it brings beauty to the foreground and reminds me of the simple beauty of this world.” – Mike, Production  

Lie in our Graves by Dave Matthews Band

“Relaxing music that makes you smile and not think too much.” – Mark, Production

Chasing Marrakech by ZHU

“This song reminds me of the amazing James Bond movie intro credits, of which, mix stunning visuals along with great audio for dramatic effect. I’d like to think I’m creating equally as impressive visuals whilst I listen.” – Miles, Design

LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad – Anything on that Album

“I don’t design on a daily but when I did it was LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad – anything on that album. Drum and bass & raves were new and influential. Something different than anything I had listened to in rock, metal, grunge, rap, pop. It made me excited to crest something different.”  – Jenna, CEO

My Ordinary Life by The Living Tombstone

“It has a fun bounce to it, and I love the flute sample loop.”- Julianne, Design  

August’s Rhapsody by Various Artists (From the Movie – August Rush)

“This was always the song I listened to before playing any sports games. It’s motivating and makes you feel like you can do anything if you put your mind to it. The different tempo, beats and tones throughout the song take you through an emotional story and makes you feel inspired.” – Sara, Digital Marketing

Check out these songs on our Spotify playlist!

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