How CPG Brands are Making the Most of TikTok


Written By: Becki Murray, Designer

As a designer and an avid user of TikTok, I keep an eye on how brands and design interact with the social media space. For those unfamiliar with the app, TikTok works with their own unique algorithm and platform structure. The app suggests videos that you are likely going to enjoy based on your watching history and interaction and allows you to follow specific creators and accounts in a different section of the app.  This unique algorithm may make it difficult for brands to predict who will receive their content, but if they are playing the game right, or just by a stroke of luck, they may blow up! 

Going Viral! For example, Nathan Apodaca posted a video of him skateboarding to his job drinking Ocean Spray juice and listening to Fleetwood Mac. The video had over 10 million likes and the Ocean Spray drinking man became a meme and a trend. The brand acknowledged the video hype and their brand by sending him tons of Juice and a brand new (cranberry colored) truck! 

RedBull is a brand dominating TikTok. They have been making show stopping videos and commercials before TikTok was even a thing. Now they have eye catching thumbnails on their page to grab the viewers’ attention. They utilize their iconic slogan as a hashtag #givesyouwiings for people to use and follow related videos on. They are one of the most followed brands on the platform. 


Gives you wings. Literally. 👐 Red Bull Skydive Team #givesyouwings

♬ original sound – Red Bull

Working with influencers is an important part of making your way on a platform like TikTok. Bang Energy has been a huge brand pushed by some of the largest TikTok stars from the beginning of the app’s time. Whether it is just product placement in videos or full-on productions about the product, if you have been on TikTok in the last few years I can guarantee you have seen a can or two. They have targeted a young adult audience by connecting their brand to big stars on the app, like members of the Hype House, Bryce Hall, and Sam Pepper. They even have an “influencer program” that influencers can sign up and work with the company in making viral promotional content, with their hashtag always in the video caption! 


Creating buzzy and TikTok review worthy products is another way brands have made an impact on the platform. Food and drink reviews are a big TikTok trend and BudLight is one brand that knows exactly how to leverage this. They have been releasing much-hyped collections of seltzers and hard sodas, and people are eager to get their hands on them to try and review them for their followers. From Hard Soda to Ugly Sweater Seltzers to even a Retro Tye Dye pack, TikTokers are reviewing these products, giving them great (free) press and featuring their fun cans all over the app. 

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