Drinking Tea With Mermaids, Taking Selfies…Our Summary Of The best June Conferences

- gretchen roughgarden


The FounderMade Beauty Summit brings together thought leaders, investors and founders to explore business innovations redefining the beauty industry.

FounderMade promoted beauty and wellness as a whole, stressing the importance of the products we chose for use in and outside our bodies.

What really struck a chord with me was how the importance of skin care evolved, partially due to the rising popularity of selfies.

As an avid #Selfie taker myself, I know the condition of my skin affects my confidence level when facing the camera phone. Companies like Olive & MBeautequeBiossance, & Skin Kick have products specifically aimed at the selfie consumer and putting a #Flawless face forward.

Wearable Technology such as the Dr. Dennis Gross LED Glasses are giving consumers the ability to get treatments once regulated to spas and treatment centers in the comfort of their own home.

In just three minutes the LED magic in these glasses help fight the signs of aging around the eyes, something I am sure my fellow #Selfie lovers can appreciate.

Check out our very own Lisa Landers enjoying the Dr. Dennis Gross LED glasses

The Unboxing Allure

#Selfies aren’t the only social media trend on the rise.

Unboxing videos have become a phenomenon on YouTube and Vimeo.

It is gaining such traction that San Francisco start-up Packaged just launched their new app Unboxed.

Unboxed gives users the ability to purchase products viewed in their unboxing videos in real time.

FounderMade recognized this growing trend and emphasized the importance of packaging that resonates both digitally and with an online audience.

Featured brand Bellami Hair Extensions currently has over 32,000 unboxing videos of their products on YouTube!

I watched countless Bellami unboxing videos before and after my purchase of their hair extensions.

Initially I watched to learn about the product. I kept watching after my purchase because I was so excited to get them.

As soon as those beauties made it to my doorstep I was styling them and snapping photos of myself.

My social media site accounts were flooded with #BellamiHairExtensions, engaging me with the brand and providing Bellami free social media adverting.

Bellami Hair Extensions
Bellami Extensions giving me the ability to embrace my inner mermaid

Connecting With Your Customer One Package At A Time

Nosh Live Summer 2017 puts the goals, needs, challenges and concerns of natural food brands in the spotlight.

Key takeaways from this event are product presentation and building brand loyalty.

Banza Pasta, a chickpeas based pasta brand, recognized product presentation when designing their packaging.

Instead of choosing traditional blue, black or clear packaging, Banza went bold with their bright orange color choice.

The box was is not only eye catching; it displayed just enough information to relay their healthy alternative to traditional pasta without overwhelming the consumer with information.

Halo Top Creamery has been slaying the dairy industry with their product line.

Halo Top Creamery not only produces innovatively packaged, delicious, low calorie, guilt free ice creams; they truly connect with their customers.

Its no surprise Halo Top has developed a cult following by taking one look at their heavily active social media accounts.

Halo Top’s latest engagement is in celebration of their 5th birthday. They are running a “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” type contest offering big prizes to five lucky winners who find a golden seal in their pints.

Non-winners can enter an alternate contest by uploading an image of non-winning seals to Instagram, Facebook or twitter along with #HaloTopGoldenSeal.

Jason at the Nosh Live 2017 Expo!

Tea Time Anyone?

The World Tea Expo is the leading trade show and conference focused 100% on premium teas and related products.

Tea has been gaining popularity over the past few years and The World Tea Expo showcased what’s’ on tea trend.

This year teas with good for you benefits and teas that offer experiences were in the spot light.

Lines such as Me Moringa Tea offer blends such as Beauty Me and Skinny Me. Developed with beauty and wellness benefits in mind, these blends are designed to improve your skin, hair and your waistline.

This trend is right in line with The FounderMade Beauty Summit theme that beauty and wellness operate as a whole.

Blooming flower teas are designed with experience in mind as they turn your teacup into a mini garden oasis.

A bundle of dried tealeaves are wrapped around one or more dried flowers. Once in contact with hot water the bundles open, giving the effect of a blooming flower. The end results are pretty stunning if I do say so myself.

Me Moringa Tea, World Tea Expo, Tea with a purpose
Me Moringa Tea- tea with a purpose

Tea Expo 2017, Blooming Tea
Blooming flower tea or garden in a glass?

Tea demonstration, world tea expoTea demonstration at the World Tea Expo.

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