Designing for the COVID Generation


Designing meaningful products and experiences for kids carries unique challenges, and this has never been more true than for “Generation C”, the millions whose early formative years have been defined by living through the pandemic.

Despite the hardships of the last year, Gen C have proven themselves to be remarkably resilient. Whether it’s getting back up after a skinned knee, learning to read facial expressions under a mask, or even making friends over Zoom, there is no doubt that this cohort will continue to adapt and thrive in the post-pandemic world.

Throughout the past year and beyond, we’ve partnered with brands to find new ways to create engaging and memorable brand experiences, from custom characters for Dial that make washing up more fun, to an AR experience with Florida’s Naturals that livens up the breakfast table, to a brand world for Softee Dough that encourages endless, device-free imagination.

As Gen C prepares to re-enter the “normal” world they will do so with a perspective unlike any generation that’s come before them. In this new landscape, brands will have the opportunity to rethink ways to make meaningful connections, whether through online experiences that cater to Gen C’s digital fluency, innovative products that inspire play and creativity, or something new entirely.

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