Design for the Club Channel


Designing CPG brands for the club channel requires a distinct visual strategy that considers not only the brand and product objectives, but also environmental, consumer, and product factors unique to the landscape. 

Club stores are large, crowded and competitive shopping environments. Both primary and secondary packaging must work hard to capture attention, tell brand stories and communicate key product attributes. Primary packaging should consider how pack structures will be stacked and displayed to ensure design elements function across multiple packs and are appealing from all sides – including the top.

Secondary packaging such as palettes provide an additional opportunity for billboarding, amplifying key messages and creating a branded environment. If leveraged correctly, outer packaging can also allows brands to create a self-contained point-of-sale experience without the need for additional collateral or structures.      

Our design for Sundae Creations, a club-exclusive offering from Hershey leveraged both pack and palette design to create an eye-catching and enticing display. Custom photography drives appetite appeal and conversational copy invites shoppers to explore the new offering.

The Takeaway  

Club store environments offer singular challenges and opportunities for brands to engage with shoppers. High turnover and frequent club-exclusive innovations call for design that is fresh, compelling and current. Considering the shopper experience and designing for maximum impact and brand clarity will drive awareness and help brands to stand out in a crowded, competitive space.   

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