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Due to popular social media’s such as Instagram and TikTok, there are new trends every day. We took a look at what trends are being talked about in the last few weeks.   

Corn Boy

The number one trend right now is the one and only, “Corn Boy.” Tariq, 7 years old, became famous overnight thanks to an interview with the Instagram series “Recess Therapy”, an Instagram account featuring its host Julian Shapiro-Barnum quizzing little kids with fun and creative questions. (Today Show Source) This specific interview with Tariq was all about corn! As Tariq was enjoying some corn on the cob, he was asked questions about the corn – in which his answers were well thought out, creative and passionate to say the least. He talked about his passion for corn, describing its physical features, how it tastes, and overall, how awesome corn is, as he expresses that he “can’t imagine a more beautiful thing.” After “Recess Therapy’s” video went viral with almost 2 million hits, the video was showing up across platforms – especially on TikTok when user @schmoyoho posted a remix of “its corn” that has blown up with almost 9.3 million likes, 71k comments, and 949k shares. Now not only is everyone singing the “corn song” but the opportunities for Tariq, “The Corn Boy” are endless, as he has been named South Dakota’s official ‘corn-bassador’, has a cameo to connect him to his fans for shoutouts and customized videos (Cameo), has been featured on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and more! (More about Corn Kid)


intro song for any meal/snack with corn 🌽 – from iconic interview on @doingthings

♬ It’s Corn – Tariq & The Gregory Brothers & Recess Therapy

Katie Gregson-Macleod’s Overnight Viral Single

Like Tariq, the Corn Boy, Katie Gregson-Macleod experienced her own rapid rise to fame. Katie Gregson-Macleod, a student studying history at the University of Edinburgh, wrote a song called “Complex” with no intentions to release it, but after posting it to TikTok became an overnight star.  The original post currently has 7.4 million views and 20.5k videos on TikTok have been made to her song in just a little over one month. After she released her single, she signed a deal with the British arm of Columbia Records. (More about Katie Gregson-Macleod)

Pumpkin Spice Season

With fall right around the corner, on September 1st, Pumpkin Spice Starbucks drinks were back and better than ever. TikTok and Instagram were flooded with videos of die-hard Pumpkin Spice lovers getting their hands on their first drink of the fall season, captioning their posts “’tis the season! #pumpkinspice #pumpkinseason.” Others took a fun twist and made videos about the fact that even though it was still 80 degrees out – fall was here and there was no stopping the Pumpkin Spice obsessions.

Harry Styles is Bald?

Harry Styles is not only trending right now because of his festive concert filling all of New York City with funky & sparkly outfits. But TikTok fans have started a rumor about their theory that Harry Styles is bald and wearing a wig!? Fan are posting images of Styles from angles that looks like his hair is flying off, suggesting that the singer is wearing a wig. TikTok and Instagram captions such as “there’s no way that he is bald…right” and “bald or not we love you Harry!” are taking over the social media feeds.

Harry Styles Spitting on Chris Pine

Speaking of Harry Styles, he recently attended the Venice Film Festival for the premier of Don’t Worry Darling, a thriller directed by Olivia Wilde. A video went viral of Harry Styles walking into the theatre to find his seat next to Chris Pine and when he bends down to sit – he spits on Chris’s lap. Viewers have been analyzing the video for hours trying to come up with a scenario for why this might have happened. Styles, being aware of the video, made recent comments and jokes about the viral video at his concert saying, “It’s very wonderful to be back in New York, I just popped very quickly to Venice to spit on Chris Pine.”

2022 US Open Tennis

This past week held the 142nd edition US Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York City. This was the hot spot for celebrities these past few weeks as we saw many familiar faces attending to watch the best of the best in the tennis world.  From stars such as Jon Bon Jovi, Anne Hathaway, Stan Smith, Andy Cohen, Kendall Jenner, Anna Wintour and more. Videos of top tennis moments, celebrity attendances, potential friendship and rumored flings, fashion, recreating celebrity looks, rating food from the venue, and more flooded the social media platforms. More information about the 2022 US Open in review can be found at their website and all the trends can be found on Instagram and TikTok using hashtags such as #usopen #usopentennis #tennisusopen.  

New York Fashion Week 2023

The US Open was not the only thing celebrities were attending these past few weeks; New York Fashion Week was a popular event gaining a lot of attention – but unlike previous years, it was less about celebrities and more about influencers who were invited to the event and their take on fashion. This year’s New York Fashion Week was filled with TikTok and Instagram influencers, some with a background in fashion and some not. There was a lot of controversy about this from the media and other TikTokers themselves. Being that New York Fashion Week is known for its luxury designers and their collections to set the trends for the season ahead, the fashion that is worn to the events by influencers and celebrities is just as important. The big talk on TikTok is the fact that many “influencers” invited sat front row at fashion shows and events wearing brands like Shien and Amazon that are known as fast fashion brands – the total opposite of luxury, as well as Revolve which is available to the public and less exclusive.

On a more positive note, the representation of people of all races, body-types, and levels of disability being represented at New York Fashion Week was held to a higher standard this year. In particular, Runway of Dreams Foundation, a non-profit organization working towards a future of inclusion, acceptance, and opportunity in the fashion industry had its own show featured in New York Fashion Week, promoting that everyone is equally as worthy enough to walk the runaway with confidence.  


What an incredible show @runwayofdreams empowering individuals with disabilities with confidence & self expression through fashion and beauty inclusion 👏

♬ September – Earth, Wind & Fire

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