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We’re committed to finding boldly creative solutions that solve brand challenges and push design forward.

Every day, we evolve to meet new challenges.
We uncover inspiration to create value, engage in dialog to foster understanding and lead with sincerity to reach a common goal. This is not about us saving the world, but shifting mindsets within it. It’s not about one-upmanship, but always being up to the task.
Every day we embrace a purpose.
It’s a drive to design with distinction, second only to an ambition to elevate others. It’s a love for what we do, and loyalty for whom we do it. Here, energy transcends ego and doing the right thing overshadows doing everything.
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We are excited to announce that Smith Design is now a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition!

We are honored to join the ranks of brands, agencies and manufacturers across the supply chain that are committed to finding and implementing more sustainable packaging solutions. Sustainability has long been a core value at Smith Design. As brand and packaging designers, we feel a unique responsibility to be accountable for our own footprint and to be actively engaged in and committed to advancing sustainability in the packing industry as a whole. We look forward to continuing our journey towards a greener future, both as an independent business and in partnership with our clients.


Design is at its best when it’s a force for good. Our culture at Smith is rooted in caring. We make a conscious and collective effort to translate our values into actions that benefit our staff, our clients and our community. We’re always looking for big thinkers, go-getters and do-gooders.
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From internal health and wellness incentives to engaging in community activism, we keep our core principles in mind to build a culture of caring. Check back regularly for more on how we’re giving back and how you can get involved.

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