we understand heritage brands…

…and the importance of preserving equities while remaining relevant in a changing world. That is why here at Smith Design we look to the past before we proceed into the future, understanding what is important to your brand and where innovations might lead.

For almost 2 decades Smith Design has been the keeper of the Skippy Master brand, leveraging and optimizing visual brand equities & setting the stage for innovations and brand extensions. We’re privileged to have added value to this beloved, 80 year old brand.




a global portfolio

The base Skippy jarred peanut butter line has grown to over a dozen flavors, in both Creamy and Super Chunk versions. Smith Design optimized brand identity and packaging design to maintain a consistent global brand message, making it the most easy to recognize peanut butter brand at shelf with its bold red lettering and colorful rays.

Skippy is a Global brand, and Smith Design package designers maintain its visual consistency worldwide. It’s the #1 brand in China, and is available across Asia, Canada, Australia, Brazil and South America, Mexico, Israel, and the Middle East and other new and emerging markets.


natural innovations

Skippy Natural was launched in 2006 and was the most successful launch in the brand’s history. The line of all Natural peanut Butters quickly rose to be #1 in its segment and was the first mainstream peanut butter to create a Natural sub-line

snack happy

On-the-go and better-for-you continue to be buzzwords for consumers. Add in ‘protein-rich’ and you have a winning combination. Smith worked with the folks at Hormel Foods helping to extend its brand portfolio to remain relevant to today’s consumer needs.

For peanut butter lovers looking to fulfill their snack craving, Skippy Bites are the perfect portable, pop-able, no mess, anytime, real peanut butter snack. The 5 grams of protein benefit successfully extends the Skippy brand equity to a new proposition that resonates with today’s consumers.

Skippy Singles – six individual 1.5 oz. “Single” serve peanut butter filled cups – were designed with fun fun in mind. Smith Design created the name, brand identity and package design for Skippy Single and also collaborated with Berry Plastics on the structure.

Each one of these products successfully extends the Skippy brand equity to a new proposition that resonates with today’s consumers


…for the baker

Recipe-ready Skippy Baking Cups are convenient, ready to use, pre-measured 1/2 -cup servings of real Skippy Peanut Butter, perfect for baking. The packaging design features photography and recipes of delicious things to make, potentially appealing to a new consumer; the maker/baker


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