heritage revisited

Ortega products provide Authentic Mexican Dining Experiences at home. Smith Design developed a visual language and a refreshed packaged design that improved the brand’s authentic heritage credentials and quality perceptions.

The flexible design system was adapted to a multitude of products in the Ortega shelf stable line – in different formats and substrates – from Taco Kits and shells/tortillas, to salsas, seasonings, and toppings.

take to the streets

Ortega Street Taco Kits were introduced targeting a younger consumer seeking more taste adventures. Flavorful seasonings were included indicative of the tastes and flavors of taco trucks and taco stands. The packs utilize key visuals and typography evocative of the taco truck experience yet maintain memorable Ortega Brand equities.

table for two?

Puting you right at the dining room table, Ortega Tacos for Two packaging was launched as a solution for 2 person households who want to enjoy taco night don’t want to waste extra shells. This Kit is the perfect amount for a smaller household with 6 shells, seasoning and sauce. 




  • establish pack architecture for visual cohesion across the portfolio
  • develop hierarchy with brandmark, product name, environment, appetite appeal and device to house product benefits
  • improve shelf impact with blue brand block (stucco-inspired dark blue background and bright blue holding shape)
  • feature authentic appetite appeal and usage occasion
  • ensure flexible design system to allow for new product introductions

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