everyday… simplified

Nymiband completes in the wearable technology category, and uniquely authenticates identity through a person’s heartbeat, (a unique biometric for each user,) making it the only wearable authentication device of its kind

Through the unique brand positioning of ‘Everyday… Simplified’, Smith Design created the structural packaging and graphic design for this new product launch

the big reveal

We learned that early tech adopters often pre-ordered on-line up to a year in advance. This, coupled with the popularity of  “unwrapping” videos and the excitement that would be building up to launch date guided our structural and graphic solution and led us to create ‘steps’ that reveal the nymiband product inside its packaging design


custom structure

nymi-col-1Using a combination of materials and finishes that cue modern luxury, Smith Design created a custom structure and graphics that visually communicates the Nymiband and its brand essence.

nymi-col-2The acetate sleeve over the package features the graphic of an electrocardiogram, which is revealed through a clear area that shows through to a colored section of the base box. As the sleeve is pulled across the box to open, the graphic creates motion and an animated effect of an ECG heartbeat.

nymi-col-3A drawer inside the box holds the charger and start guide. Pull up ribbons were added to the structure to makes it easy to remove the Nymiband from the box and open the drawer revealed through a clear area that shows through to a colored section of the base box.

goals achieved

  • clearly differentiating from health and fitness wearable packaging and distancing from clear structures, watch-like or tracker cues
  • positioning Nymi as premium technology to early tech adopters and help define the brand as an aspirational tech luxury – that can later evolve to an achievable, "must-have" device for everyone
  • elegantly communicate the ECG “unique heartbeat" tie to the brand
  • compelling imagery to communicate Nymiband instantly and elegantly
  • work well with 3 product color ways (red, white, black)

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