fresh for her

Guided by a vision to provide gentle yet effective products that meet the specific needs of caring parents and their families, Nice ‘n Clean’s range of products have something for everyone.

The ‘For Her’ line utilized a visual language of feminine colors and watercolor illustration to telegraph a fresh clean scent coupled with an environmentally sound message via the commitment to use Tencel, a 100% renewable resource.


soft, safe and effective

Nice ’n Clean Flushable Moist Wipes features a large flower with condensation that visually communicates that the wipes are effective, moist and gentle.

We designed the “eco flush” icon to compliment the overall design while calling attention to the special benefit of the wipe itself – that it is safe to flush because it’s made with plant-based fibers.

tapping into toddlers

tapping into toddlers

Nosy Buddies and Potty Buddies are solutions that both mom and kids can get behind. Color-coded for scent with fun characters that kids identify with coupled with eco-friendly Tencel fibers that mom feels good about using, the Buddies line caters to Mom and Kid alike. Smith also developed the Nosy mark which is now synonymous with Nice ‘n Clean.


baby soft

The line of Nice ’n Clean Baby Wipes has universal and earth-friendly appeal. Our water-color design is engaging and friendly, while the heroic tree visually connecting the product to the Toddler Wipes, as well as the sustainability platform of the brand.



  • create visually distinct product lines within the brand to provide “something for everyone”
  • define visual guardrails
  • construct a portfolio segmentation strategy to garner consumer loyalty 
  • communicate compelling functional product benefits - soft, sensitive and effective
  • show commitment to sustainability via the use of plant-based and TENCEL® fibers

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