Monstermaker3 premium play

For a new product launch from the Monster High Brand, Smith Design worked with existing brand equities to create a clean, iconic, and sleek look for the packaging. Care was taken to ensure that the experience from beginning to end reflected the $120 price point.



Intended for Monster High Brand enthusiasts (girls 9+) and developed exclusively for the online channel, the goal was to develop specialty packaging for the Monster Maker High doll kit that leverages the unique appeal of the offering.


The packaging houses a one-of-a kind kit, which includes everything a girl needs to customize her own coveted monster high doll. The interior kit is comprised of a machine, 12 markers and doll parts and has the ability to create more than 100 patterns.


The packaging solution further leverages the iconic equity of the Monster High franchise given it’s upscale and familiar aesthetic. Consumers already know what’s inside the box because they've seen, ordered or read about it online which infuses and air of exclusivity given the absence of traditional brick and mortar accessibility.

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All our package design concepts were upscale, sleek and evocative of the Monster High gestalt. Sturdy yet lightweight, the box is meant to serve as a repository for all kit components and is intended to be reminiscent of the unboxing experience of XBOX one.



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