one giant strategy

Smith Design helped to relaunch the iconic Green Giant® brand, a 100 year old heritage brand, to reconnect with today’s health-minded consumers and their increasing demand for nutritious, time-saving food options that match their on-the-go lifestyles.

Employing a mission based strategy to help America swap in more veggies at meal time and using its heroic Jolly Green Giant® icon as its calling card, Smith Design developed a robust top down visual strategy for the brand and all the design aspects to support it, including brand and package design, photography, layout of web site, and support marketing materials.

innovation concepts & naming

Smith Design created high level concepts for product, naming and design testing. The designs spanned multiple product innovations, and included brand identity applications that ranged from close-in to the current Green Giant® branding, to further out, super sizing the iconic Green Giant®.

Green Giant consumer research and visual strategy package design


Green Gian packaging innovation solutions for green giant brand and package designGreen Giant innovation package design strategy

veggie swap-ins

Smith Design developed package graphics for 15 new and innovative product SKUs: Veggie Tots, Riced Veggies, Mashed Cauliflower and Roasted Veggies – all contemporary formats of nutritious and convenient vegetables, a natural move for Green Giant® in lieu of carb rich and high caloric competitive meal solutions. The packaging aesthetic is clean, inviting, and appetizing.

Due diligence was spent on giving the Green Giant® masterbrand identity a more authoritative presence, acting as an engaging health halo across brand efforts. The Green Giant® visual solution is engaging, health-minded and contemporary while staying true to its classic Americana roots.

Green Giant packaging and Brand Strategy redesign

website design

Smith Design partnered with Green Giant®’s other marketing agencies to create an easy to navigate, clean website design focused on the advertising campaign, new product innovations, and 30+ recipes for all types of eating occasions.


It was very important for the visual aesthetic to carry across all touchpoint of the brands, especially the photography for Social Media, web, and promotional materials. Smith Design art directed and styled the photography for over 30 recipes.


mashed food photography NYC Based Studio, NJ Design Firmmashed product photography NYC Based Studio, NJ Design Firm

Roasted corn Recipe lifestyle photography NYC Based Studio, NJ Design FirmVeggie Tots lifestyle photography NYC Based Studio, NJ Design Firmriced food photography stylist NYC Based Studio, NJ Design Firm

getting the word out

Whether it be billboards celebrating the Green Giant®’s journey to his new home in the garden state, or linking a corporate brand mark and the icon of its newest acquisition, integrating “green” across various touch points was an integral part of the new launch.

Green Giant visual branding solutions and corporate identity

Green Giant outdoor marketing design

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