the classic

Consumers have thousands of pen options to choose from these days, so the mission for BIC’s Ball Pen Classic redesign was to stay ahead of the curve and retain the #1 share position in the ball pen category.


something for everyone

TThrough a targeted masterbrand architecture and package redesign of 4 product segments, Smith Design created an easy way for consumers to navigate and understand the benefits of each of the ball pens. The color palate selected is bright and engaging with product names and type treatments that link with the attribute of each pen.

Our design solution visually communicates the high-quality, reliable and versatile offers within the line.


dont forget the kids

To reach a younger audience and to help children write easily and correctly, BIC launched “BIC Kids”. This line of products includes a pen, pencil and stylus and is recommended by teachers.

Smith Design created the “Kids” brand identity which uses colorful letters, friendly letterforms and a smiling bird – all sitting in a cloud. The package design includes the BIC logo and orange color palate, clearly communicating the product and its benefits. The wide ruled lines in the background are recognizable to the target age range (4 – 5 year old +) and their parents.


What a delight to see identity that lifts the spirit! You delivered creative that’s strategic and fresh. I don’t contact design firms very often to say how impressed I am— I’m very impressed!

Bic, Director, Brand Design at Bic

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