it is all about the caves

The Caves of Faribault®, the site where America’s first blue cheese was made, continues a rich tradition of quality blue cheeses. All of the blue cheese is aged in sandstone caves carved from the river bluff in Faribault, MN. The atmosphere within the caves is ideal for the curing and aging of blue cheese. While the caves were originally used to brew and age beer, today Caves of Faribault® is the only U.S. cheese maker still curing and aging blue cheese exclusively in caves. This traditional process allows the AmaBlu® blue cheese, AmaGorg® gorgonzola and St. Pete’s Select™ blue cheese to distinguish themselves with a unique flavor.

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the challenge

Smith Design was tasked to create revolutionary designs that provided a solution that was compelling, appropriate, differentiating and motivating to current AmaBlu®, AmaGorg® and St. Pete’s Select® consumers and appealing to new consumers as the brands continues to grow. The designs needed to create a cohesive line look and feel while folding the rich history of the Caves of Faribault® into the visual language.

Ama Blu pack design

AmaBlu label and package design and brand design strategy

cohesive look and feel

As we extended the chosen design to the other cheeses in the line, AmaGorg® and St. Pete’s Select®, we made sure there was cohesion between the three distinct offerings but gave each its own look and feel, along with a logo that lived independently to but complimented the Caves of Faribault® logo.

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Smith Design partnered with Swiss Valley Farms to better understand its consumer wants & needs, trends in cheese consumption and at retail and usage by category. By better understanding the finite details of the cheese market, we were able to ground our strategy in real life scenarios positioning AmaBlu®, AmaGorg® and St. Pete’s Select® for growth and future line extensions.



A visual audit enabled Smith Design to become fully engaged in the brand and category, and provide strategic creative direction and insights. Gaining such insight provided the critical point-of-difference in creating package design that successfully addresses strategic issues and makes choices that result in market success



Smith Design created a brand architecture strategy aimed to minimize confusion at shelf across the AmaBlu®, AmaGorg® and St. Pete’s Select® family of products. The architecture also serves as a tool for the internal brand team to ensure that they are effectively working together and targeting all key segments

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