March 14th, 2018 - jenna smith

There are many reasons we chose Morristown as our headquarters, and we can’t deny that our adopted home is a pretty cool place. Read on…

Morristown, or MoTown for short, is hailed as the military capital of the American Revolution because it played a pivotal role in the war for independence.  

George Washington had his troops encamped here during the Winter of 1779-1780 and at that time declared St. Patricks Day a holiday to honor his Irish soldiers (which is why Morristown is the place to be on St. Patricks Day if you like a Parade and a Guinness – just not at the same time)

It is also the home of the oldest guide dog school in the world which was founded by Frank Morris in 1929. You will often see the trainers on the green in the center of town with their super smart seeing eye dogs working their magic.

In addition, Morristown has restaurants & bars to fit all tastes and budgets as well as a world class community theatre. Schedule a visit and stay a while – we look forward to seeing you soon!