Asian Trend Round Up

May 3rd, 2018 - Jane Sayer

Attending the Trendwatching Seminar at The Bowery Hotel in New York last month was, for the most part, an enjoyable event. Interesting people, fun activities, informative presentation. That is until the sci-fi show ‘Black Mirror’ became real life. Read on

1: Get in line Apple X – face recognition is like SO last year.

2: See something, say something.

3: Do I look virtually fat in these virtual pants?

4: The End of App.

5: I don’t know about moving mountains, but a 7/11 might be doable.

6: Data Data Everywhere…

7: CHA CHING! Its Singles Day!

8: Livestreaming millionaires

9: Just like The Shopping Channel, but on crack

10: The perfect gift for your still-living-with-his-mother cousin


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